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Heidemarie Kriz

Behind the POS Doctor is Heidemarie Kriz, architect and designer with a focus on store design. Retail expert for over 25 years.

For more than 25 years she has been designing and creating stores for renowned international and national clients such as Apple, Nike or Humanic. Her USP is her 360-degree view and 100 per cent performance: in addition to her expertise in architecture and design, Kriz incorporates materiality and colour psychology, neuromarketing, target group analyses and brand DNA into her consulting. For this purpose, it cooperates with specialists with international experience in the respective field. In this way, they jointly design stores that are coherent and appropriate from store design to brand DNA to the target group. The overall view guarantees the best outcome. “Our goal is business that works. That includes complex processes. You can only find the optimal solution if you take a holistic view of the issue,” says Kriz. For Kriz, this also includes sustainability – this plays an increasingly important role in the design of the store and the materials as well as in the choice of products.


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How the idea of the Point of Sale Doctor was born...

“In today's world, customers increasingly want something special. The trend is towards a high-quality retail trade, a festival for all senses”

Heidemarie KrizPoint of Sale Doctor

As a store designer with a passion for retail, Kriz has been observing retailers and their customers for over 25 years. However, a successful retail store means work. This is where Kriz and her team want to support, with a strong focus on sustainability. Thanks to their know-how and decades of experience, the experts know what a business needs in order to stand up to online commerce and other challenges.. The Point of Sale Doctor offers entrepreneurs quick online help to position their business correctly and sustainably.

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